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Custom antenna development

We accept orders for the development of antennas and antenna arrays

    We produce prototypes of antennas and antenna arrays in the form of printed circuit boards, as well as metal milling. We use materials of Rogers, Arlon, FR-4.

    The production technology allows us to produce antenna systems on a dielectric substrate with a topology accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, and metal products, including housings, with an accuracy of up to 50 microns.

    The designing of products for standardized plastic and metallic enclosures for radio electronic equipment has become common practice:

    How we work

    To assess the feasibility of your task, you need to contact us in any convenient way by going to the "Contacts" page or fill out the form below.

    Then you need to draw up and agree with us the terms of reference. We start working after 40% prepayment.

    The following algorithm is followed:
    approval of technical specifications → electrodynamic modeling → production of a prototype → measurements → delivery of work to the customer.

    We send the results of each stage of work to the customer for consideration.

    Minimum order cost:

    Product development without manufacturing: from 500$.
    Development of a prototype with confirmation of frequency characteristics: from 700$.
    Development of a prototype with confirmation of frequency characteristics, directional diagrams, gain factors: from 1500$.

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